By Amy K. Lauver Edited by Fred J. Lauver
Includes the short story
“Whispering Angel” by Fred J. Lauver
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Features the short story “The Surprise Party” by Carol A. Lauver
The book that inspired the author to become a writer (Currently out of print).
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Cover story from Winter 2006: “The Main Behind the Curtain: Doc Mishler by Fred J. Lauver

Author Fred J. Lauver

Author Fred J. Lauver has released his latest work, OLYMPUS, a science fiction novella. In association with DLG Publishing Partners, Texas, the short work of fiction tells a story set in the Moon city of Olympus. Centuries after Earth’s apocalypse, Adam, the story’s protagonist, and the inhabitants of the Moon, have one mission—save humanity from extinction.

In a press interview with Lauver, he said, “Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had an interest in science and science fiction. This idea began as a dream I had in which I was living on the Moon inside a domed city. The dream was so realistic that I recorded it in my dream diary.” He said he turned his dream into a short story and presented it to writing peers during writing workshops. “The initial feedback, including that of the workshop leader, a published author, was that I must cut it down to 5,000 words because that is the maximum length most publishers will accept for short stories.” Lauver ignored that advice.

“My editor said they wanted me to flesh out the story more, so there was a lot of editing and adding more story before it was ready for release.” At more than 22,000 words, the short story expanded to a novella.

Lauver added, “The story was first written as a cautionary tale against climate disaster, before the pandemic of 2020 struck. In Olympus, humanity, at the brink of extinction, unites for one goal—survival.”

Olympus is first being released in digital format, available on Amazon Kindle or through a free app available to desktops and other devices.

Lauver, who grew up in the railroad city of Altoona, Pennsylvania, is a graduate of Altoona Area High School. After serving four years in the U.S. Air Force, he earned a degree in journalism at Penn State University.  He has also worked as a book editor, film and live stage actor, wrote a magazine column, and was a telecom national operations manager. He is a former feature writer and assistant editor for Pennsylvania Heritage magazine at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Lauver is co-author, with Diane B. Reed, of The Pennsylvania Trail of History Cookbook. His other short stories include, “Whispering Angel,” in the anthology Bitter Sweet, edited by author Catherine Jordan and “Pink Roses,” in Miraculous Encounters by author and psychic Michelle Livingston. He also edited his daughter Amy K. Lauver’s fantasy novel, Soulbound: Tower’s End, scheduled for release September 10, 2020. He is currently working on a literary romance novel set in Altoona, which he plans to title Mountain City and begin a multi-book science fiction adventure series titled Time Voyagers.