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From the Lauver family of writers

Soulbound: Tower’s End

by Amy K. Lauver

For ages, war has raged between humans and demons. For demon hunter Sionna Kyte, it was anything but another routine mission.

Books by Author April A. Luna

From DLG Publishing Partner’s leading author.

Science Fiction and Romantic Thrillers

Also from DLG Publishing Partners

Charisse Tarren and the Black Pendant

By Iuliana Foos

When Charisse and Draxen meet shortly after the peace proclamation in the galaxy, they discover the fighting is far from done. In search of answers, they unite efforts against fate, risking their lives for each other.

Academy of Death (7-book series)

by Nina Night

When faced with the near impossible, what can a half-blood witch do but roll up her sleeves and dig in with her heels?

There will be a time, Deliverance,” Coy said, “when you will call on me. You will beg for me to stay, and I will tell you to go away.

Finds & Keepers (5-book series)

by Cate DeLuca

Will archaeologist Tanaquil Greenough’s wit and sixth sense protect her and her beloved Jim from curses, plagues and death threats?
Opening an Etruscan offering-chamber sets off a series of uncanny adventures for archaeologist Tanaquil Greenough and her lover-colleague Jim, culminating in a fateful choice.

Love, Pyromania, and the Little Matchgirl: Hayley’s Sense of Fire (DLG Twisted Fairy Tales for Young Adult Readers 14+)

by Kevin Ramos

She longs for love in all its facets, but can she keep herself-destructive instincts at bay long enough to let it in. Sixteen-years-old and already responsible for several deaths by arson in a court of public opinion: her mother, grandmother, four derelicts in a factory, and now her father has succumb to a fire-related death, as well.

Colorblind (Allodasos Book 3)

by B.S. Roberts

With the help of another nymph from Allodasos, can Eva and Kladi protect their home and find a way for her to see magic once again? Contemporary fantasy with a F/F Romance subplot.