Titles by Fred J Lauver

Books or short stories written or co-authoried

That Darkened Doorstep

Published by Sunbury Press

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Stories of horror and the paranormal

Featuring “Funeral Pyre” by Carol A. Lauver, and
“Solomon’s Seal” by Fred J. Lauver


A post-apocalyptic novella

From DLG Publishing Partners

Life is extinct on Earth. Humanity, in exile on the Moon and at the brink of extinction, unites for one goal—survival.

The Pennsylvania Trail of History Cookbook

By Diane B. Reed and Fred J. Lauver

The story of Pennsylvania told through food history and authentic recipes.

Foreword by William Woyce Weaver

Bitter Sweet

Published by Sunbury Press

Edited by Catherine Jordan

Short stories from The Natalie D. Craumer Writer’s Workshop, featuring “Whispering Angel” by author Fred J. Lauver