Hello World – Welcome to My View on Just About Anything

This is just a friendly hello to anyone out there who wanders by and decides to step inside my world. I assure you I’m quite friendly and accepting of all people of good will.

On the first day of putting my web site and accompanying blog online, I don’t expect people to go running to my site. But if you are here, I hope you consider my just released novella. Click on “Titles by FJ Lauver” for more info.

In the meanwhile, please be careful out there. This pandemic is not going to last forever and I want you around when that day comes. So wear your masks, socially distance, and don’t take unnecessary chances, not only for your health, but for the sake of the more vulnerable human beings out there. My novella takes place in a post-apocalyptic city on the Moon where the survivors struggle to avoid the extinction of humanity. In my story we come to find out that human beings had the power to stop an apocalypse, but foolishly squandered it.

Thank you for stopping by.

For other points of view by the author, visit his other blog site, “Fred’s View

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